Budget Friendly Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Like Summer

Sometimes we just need to get into the Summer Spirit by making our homes feel a little more summarized. You can do all kinds of cool home projects to make your home feel a little bit new when it comes to the new season. You can also potentially save a bundle and repair and cost down the road when it comes to employing these budget-friendly ways to make your home feel more like summer. So what can you do to make your home a little bit more summer friendly


Mulch is a great way to spruce up the area around your home's exterior. All you need to do is Lay about 1 2 3 inch layer of mulch on garden beds and around the structure of your home. Mulch also has other benefits, as well. It definitely keeps you from weeding As mulch Smothers weeds by not letting them get enough oxygen and light that they need to grow. Mulch also holds moisture in the soil for the summer which will save water and give your plants a more consistent source of moisture. You can make your mulch go a long way when you shop for it at Walmart! the Walmart home and garden section has loads of different options for mulch. You can choose from shredded wood or bark, as well as different colors of mulch. When it comes to making your bags of mulch from Walmart go even further you can mix them with grass clippings, shredded raked leaves, or even cardboard from a recycling center. You can also order online and pick up later, or arrange for a delivery from Walmart.


Another great way to give your home a little summarized fresh up, is to steal your wood deck. If your deck is looking a little rickety entire it might be time to seal it or stain it or, or even paint it. Staining or painting the look so much more fresh and new. Your friends and family might even think that you got a new deck! The best way to steal a deck is to do it yourself, and you will spend way less when you rent the tools and grab a budget-friendly stain or paint from Walmart.


Cleaning your windows is honestly one of the most budget-friendly ways to make your home feel more attractive. Spring cleaning was a while ago, so your windows probably need a little touch-up. Cleaning your windows can honestly give your home a new sparkle and shine. The best way for a cheap, no streak window shine is 2 buy a inexpensive powdered Degreaser called tsp or trisodium phosphate at Walmart. Simply makes it in water and squeegee it off for a streak-free finish. Although, you should definitely read the instructions for proper handling as you might need rubber gloves.


All of these awesome ways to give your home a little refresh this summer super budget-friendly. You can also get the items mentioned above for up to 70% off when you shop the link to Walmart that we included in this blog.